Dog photo shoot in the peak district of three dogs

Natural Dog Photography and Photo Shoots Bursting with Personality

Making tails wag and humans swoon across Sheffield and the UK

Your dog makes your heart sing and your days complete. They’re much more than a pet, they’re your partner in crime, the spring in your step, and the one soul you’ll bear all your secrets to.

Let’s be honest. Some days you love your dog more than humans, which is why photography of them can be so valuable.

A photo shoot capturing your dog’s wonderful personality can really bring out the best of your best friend. Looking back at the photography can let you view these moments with a heart full of love forever.

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I work with your dog to capture their natural personality and spirit. Whether you have a nervous dog, an excitable hound or a timid wallflower, I’ll adapt to make the experience enjoyable for both of you. 

I’ve got ample tricks and treats up my sleeve to bring out your dog’s unique personality in all it’s glory.


This isn’t just a dog photoshoot, it’s an experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Hi, I’m Rowan! Your local photographer who loves dogs and is not afraid to travel if they are involved!

You’ll find me on all fours, making encouraging noises, with a lens in my hand. Yup, if you want to get awesome pics of your dog then you can’t be afraid to look the fool! 

But don’t worry, I’ll take care of that so you can just enjoy the experience and let all those nerves melt away.

dog photographer pooch and pineapple with her two dogs

Rowan is top notch! You can see it for yourself, her photography is amazing! But the experience is so much more than a photoshoot.

She is one of the most personable people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. It is obvious that the connection she develops with her clients is genuine and that she truly loves dogs!

My dog may be a supermodel but I hate cameras! Rowan made me feel comfortable, was patient, coached me through what to do and the results are some of the best pictures I’ve ever had in my life. 

I cannot recommend the experience of a Pooch & Pineapple photoshoot enough!


red labrador sits in a sunny green garden on pet photo shoot


Do you like my style?!

It’s important that you like the style of my work. Whilst I adapt to each dog and human I work with, all of my work is shot Rowan-style. That means colour, personality and a flair for capturing the beautiful relationship between people and animals. 

Wanna sneak a peek at some of my work? 

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