What to expect when you book a dog photoshoot (so you can rock up feeling confident)

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You’re thinking about booking a dog photoshoot, either for yourself or as a gift for a friend, partner, or a loved one. 

But how does it actually work? Does it make you feel a bit nervous?

What if your dog misbehaves? Or what if you’re asked to get in front of the camera? 

Eeeek, you really want some incredible photos of your dog to cherish for a lifetime, but the whole thing is a little tarnished with what-ifs. 

I’m going to walk you through the process, so you know exactly what to expect at each stage, so you can feel more confident about booking a photoshoot to give you images you will treasure forever. 

Setting the stage for your photoshoot with me

When you book a photoshoot for your dog with me, the first thing we do is consider YOUR dog!

I’ll send you a short questionnaire by email, which helps you share a little about your dog with me. I like to learn what your dog likes and dislikes and what environments your dog most enjoys walking in. 

Choosing your dog’s favourite environment for your photoshoot brings out the best in your dog. If your dog is having fun and enjoying themselves, then I can capture your dog’s spirit and personality. 

And that makes for special photos you’ll hold dear forever. 

I’ll also ask in advance if you want to be in the photos with your dog or if the very thought has you heading for the hills! 

So there are no squirmy surprises on the day. 

This is an important step because I want to make sure both you and your dog feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your dog shoot. We want this to be a fun experience for everyone! 

If you have worries about anything, then we can figure it out here, so we can set the stage for a positive experience for your dog and for you. 

To get to know me and my dogs even more and just my general love for dogs (and all animals) click here

Choosing where to have your photoshoot

After you book your photoshoot, we’ll talk about locations. If you have the perfect little spot picked out, that’s great; location solved! If not, then I have some fantastic little Sheffield treasures which make for ideal photoshoot locations for your dog. 

So all you have to do on the day is rock up, ready to have some fun. 

What to expect on the day of your dog photoshoot

Life is busy, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement when booking your dog’s photoshoot. Suddenly it’s a few days away, and you’ve forgotten everything we said. 

Don’t worry, three days before the big event, I will send you an email to remind you of where we are meeting, the time, and what to bring with you. (don’t forget the dog!)

Imagine you’re meeting up with a friend for a dog walk, and your pal has a camera. That’s the sort of vibe you can expect on a photoshoot with Pooch and Pineapple. 

We’ll go at your dog’s pace, your dog will never be under pressure to do anything, and a spot of peeing, pooping, or rolling is completely par for the course. Don’t worry about it!

I’m a specialist dog photographer, so I have ample tricks and treats up my sleeves to bring out your dog’s unique personality in all its glory. To learn more about me and my style of dog photography click here

What happens after the dog photoshoot?

After the shoot, I’ll go away and work my photography magic, editing up the best photos ready for the big reveal.

I know you’ll be chomping at the bit to get into your online gallery to see your dog’s gorgeous photos. It takes approximately two weeks for the magic to happen, at which point you’ll receive an email linking you to doggy heaven. 

Sit back, and take in your dog in all their wonder in your video slide show of pure dog magic. 

Included in your photoshoot booking price, you have one image to download and one printed image at 8×10”.

It’s rare that my lovely dog owners can choose just one, so I offer a special package for more than two images downloaded and printed. Because let’s be honest, whose dog doesn’t deserve their own gallery wall… or is it a shrine?!

Your online doggy shrine will stay live for one year, so you can pop back anytime to expand your best friend’s enchanting gallery with prints, frames, and mounted photography.

Black cockerpoo sat surrounded by yellow daffodils looking up at camera on dog photoshoot

Gifting a dog photoshoot voucher to a loved one – how does it work?

A dog photoshoot is a wonderful gift for the dog lover in your life. You can buy a gift voucher online for an in-person shoot within 40 miles of Sheffield. You’ll receive your gift voucher by email with a booking link and a proper voucher by post to give to your lucky dog lover. 

Buy a gift that will delight your dog lover for years to come!

Booking a photoshoot for your own dog

You’ll never regret booking a photoshoot for your dog. Whether you want a pet and owner photoshoot or you want to stay firmly behind the lens, you will walk away with special memories preserved for a lifetime. 

Capturing your dog’s spirit and personality is a momentous occasion that I’ve no doubt you’ll cherish. 

Let’s create some beautiful memories. 

Book your in-person dog photoshoot within 40 miles of Sheffield

If you still have questions, then please reach out, and let’s get them answered for you. Let no obstacle stand in the way of your desire for an abundance of beautiful photos of your dog