Hello! And welcome. You are probably reading this because I’ve taken a picture of your dog and you want to access the gallery and purchase some photos. THANK YOU! Here are some instructions for you:


How to log in to the gallery

You’ll see the gallery link in a facebook post like this, click on doggo’s face to enter the gallery.

A new window will pop open and you’ll see the opening image and the name of the gallery.

Scroll down until you see the log in screen

To access the gallery you will need to enter your name and email, or log in using facebook or google. If at any time you ever have any problems, or need help, just click the little speech bubble icon in the bottom right of the screen to speak to someone who can help you.

Then you will enter the gallery and see the images! Scroll down to view them all.


How to view purchase options

If you want to buy a lovely print of your doggo, you can do so from the gallery. When you hover your mouse over any image you will see some icons appear along the bottom of the image.

When you click the heart you will add this image to your favourites.

When you click the envelope you can send this image to an email address.

When you click the ‘F’ you can share the image on facebook

When you click the downward facing arrow you will be taken to the download purchase screen.

To buy the image, click ‘buy’ on the right hand side of the image.

A new screen will slide in with some purchase options. You can buy different sized prints:

Or click on the word ‘frames’ and see different framed options (these are my favourite because everything arrives ready to hang!)

Or click ‘boards’ to see different size options for your printed image to be mounted on to.

You can also purchase files to download and print yourself, or share online.

And when you click in to the shop you’ll see all the items available four purchase, alongside photos of what they look like and descriptions. There are loads of options, including canvas prints, greetings cards, calendars and fine art prints with a very fancy torn edge.


How to make a purchase

Once you have selected some items for purchase you will see that everything gets saved in to your shopping cart. You can look inside your shopping cart by click on the shopping trolley icon in the top right the gallery.

The first time you look inside your cart you’ll need to create an account. This is so that if you decide to do something else and come back to the gallery, all your items will be stored ready for you. Again, you can use your email address, or log in using facebook or google. Remember – if you have questions you can still click the little speech bubble icon at the bottom right of the screen to get help. Once you’ve given your email address you’ll be given a password. You can keep the one that is issued to you, or change it to something more memorable.

Finally you’ll be taken to your shopping cart! You’ll be able to see what’s in it and the total amount to pay. This is also the screen where you can input your discount code if you have one – click where it says ‘coupons’.

You’ll need to fill in the address where you want the items posted to.

Which will then update your shopping cart with your address.

Click PLACE ORDER to go through to the payment screen. Payments are process using a system called Stripe, which is a secure way to collect online payments. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

If you have purchased a digital download, the file will be emailed to you.

Thanks so much! Remember if you have any questions you can either click the little speech bubble to get instant help, or email me on [email protected]

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